Norma Jean Rhodes

👤 Age: 96
🏠 11050 Fancher Rd Lot 225, Westerville, OH 43082-9780

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11050 Fancher Rd Lot 225, Westerville, OH 43082-9780 Get a Detailed Property Report

Norma Jean Rhodes's Summary

Norma Jean Rhodes is a female in her nineties. Her birthdate is May 5, 1925, making her 96. Norma Jean Rhodes currently lives at 11050 Fancher Rd Lot 225, Westerville, OH 43082-9780. Others who have lived at or next to 11050 Fancher Rd Lot 225, Westerville, OH 43082-9780 include: Amy Finney, Deanna Cassady, Anita K Dandrea, Glenn Blackburn, Dale D Thorngate, and Tim Werth.

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Full Name Persons Count Share
N Rhodes 44 14.81%
Norma Rife 11 6.17%
Norma Hulsey 15 3.7%
Norma Zell 2 3.7%
Norma Curtis 103 3.7%
Norma Ramey 33 3.7%
Janeen Hull 1 3.7%
Norma Schnettler 1 3.7%
Charles Rhodes 1054 2.47%
Norma Cleveland 15 2.47%
Norma Teel 13 2.47%
Norma Buckner 21 2.47%
Norma Edge 9 2.47%
Norma Owens 169 2.47%
Norma Murray 189 2.47%
Norma Persilver 1 2.47%
Susie Curtis 31 1.23%

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11050 Fancher Rd Westerville, Oh 43082

Amy Finney, Deanna Cassady, Anita K Dandrea, Glenn Blackburn, Dale D Thorngate, Tim Werth, Aaron P Karst, Anita K Dandrea, Deborah K Small, William Evans, Norman P Bowers, Lori A Smothers, Rockwood Rockwood, Alfred Meskhi, Irma J Gillogly, Angy Shadix, Elmer J Ferrell, Wendy S Bostwick, Shawn Castle, Kevin Kolbel, Ruth Anna Baldeschwiler, Bane E Simpson, David Taylor, Deborah Justus, Keith D Puffer, Michael J Rafferty, Pamela S Pierce, Christopher D Beaver, Christopher M Gilman, Michael Thorngate, Debbie D Hiles, Maria Morales, Daniel L Conklin, David Grubb, Rikki Renee Hursey, Brandon S Terry, Svetlana Meskhi, Joann Bonniot, Steven W Hubbard, Joanne L Rice, Raymond S Conrad, Deborah Ooten, Jerry L Noice, Russell J Cunningham, Clarence J Myers, Everett Fields, Denise F Fisher, Rodger Green, Janis Compton, Jeorganna J Thompson, David B Speaks, Juan Manuel Lugo Roche, Scott A Schmidt, Andrea Winfield, Richard P Weaver, Katrina J Myers, Marissa Marie Marchio, Jessica Stackpole, Amanda Blackburn, Joseph L Hubbard, Christopher Thorngate, Paula S Polen, Velma K Decker, Diana M Antauer, Stephanie L Barham, Kristina N Burkett, Taylor Ashcraft, Harry Taylor, Anthony H Foshee, Melanie L Henry, Jane Baldwin, Mary Sayre, Tammy M Crook, Rosalva Arrellano, Jovan Kemp, Judith Noice, Paula Polen, Leonard Ferrell, Shawnae Ryanne Frederick, Daniel L Standiford, Selma Hearst, Shawna R Kenoyer, Sue E Savage, Taffy Neal, James Howard, Charlotte Brackens, Mary Mullins, James Lee Jodrey, Devin Ardrey, Robin R Anderson, Steven E King, Robert Dunham, Neil J Myers, Robert A Bland, Amy Jo Rinker, Ralph R Kuenning, David Speaks, Joey Hubbard, Eric Cain, Nicholas Jodrey, Caroline F Hubbard, R A Baldeschwiler, Heather J Justus, Michael Wolfe, Chasittie Shisler, Caroline Ferrell, Gail E Lozier, Gary L Holman, Alfred Meskhi, Violet F Mcafee, Jennifer L Coco, Robert L Dunham, Katherine J Leaf, Ardella C Staton, Michael L Mcafee, John Wilson, John P Dandrea, Cynthia Milliron, Shirley Boals, Grace L Staton, Ronda M Shirk Rumble, Jenny L Myers, Joshua A Nickell, Robin Boudinot, Armando Perez, Elaine Calvent, William E Pope, Donna M Puffer, Sharon J Chambers, Kelley Igo, Ronda M Colson, Matthew G Sargent, Marlene Padgett, Dane E Simpson, Jennifer L Ford, Michael Ware, Christopher E Jenkins, Rosemary Rice, James Luzader, Tanya R Rydle, Tyler Demeter, Margaret A Patterson, Paul David Ramey, Shelly L Mayse, Melissa S Woodgeard, Norma Powell, Dale D Thorngate, Mark A Polk, Frank D Meadows, Craig A Lucas, Amanda Ford, Josh Terry, Matthew Alan Fisher, Stephanie Perez, James L Fisher, Terrie Bradley, Kenneth A Mackey, Mark C Bogard, Mary K Stack, Janice C Mann, Diana Elizabeth Ross, Ernest L Compton

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