Roy Urena

👤 Age: 61
☎️ (407) 249-7905
🏠 610 N Semoran Blvd Apt 7, Winter Park, FL 32792-2880

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610 N Semoran Blvd Apt 7, Winter Park, FL 32792-2880 Get a Detailed Property Report

Roy Urena's Summary

Roy Urena is a male in his sixties. His birthdate is November 25, 1959, making him 61. Roy Urena currently lives at 610 N Semoran Blvd Apt 7, Winter Park, FL 32792-2880. His current phone number is (407) 249-7905. Others who have lived at or next to 610 N Semoran Blvd Apt 7, Winter Park, FL 32792-2880 include: Janet Marjorie Kendrick, Charles Mckenna, Abigail Quinones, Helen Caldwell, Eva Knowles, and William Durkin.

Roy Urena's Phone Number

(407) 249-7905 is Roy's current phone number. The phone number’s provider is registered at AT&T Southeast. There are 1 associated with this phone number.

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558 N Semoran Blvd Winter Park, Fl 32792

Janet Marjorie Kendrick, Charles Mckenna, Abigail Quinones, Helen Caldwell, Eva Knowles, William Durkin, Virginia Renfro, Martha N Henry, Roberta A Muhlbach, Sallie Tucker, Regents Park, Robert Castlen, Anne Williams, Hilda Wohnsigl, Rosa Knight, Catherine D Wilson, Vae E Saunders, Robert Ltownsend, Eileen M Weeks, Carmen A Agostini, Lee Ferguson, William F Goddard, Beth Lefils, Herman Richter, Dale Faux, Martha Collins, Phillip Smith, Alice Lavine, Lucille E Johnson, Mercedith Simpson, Leo Lemoine, Ann Keith Fitzmier, Paul Chabot, Victoria Derian, Scotty Robb, Ruth H Paro, Lydia Rufino, Tressie L Smiley, Mary S Colville, Maurine M Staton, Lloyd W Estes, Randy Fields, Nancy Mageoch, Irene Chapman, Merle E Weldon, Frances Risher, Harry Holt, George Carlisle, Ethel Healy, Fay Crossley, Teresa P Odonnell, James P Nolan, James M Alspaugh, Evelyn B Kinsloe, Sally L Kearney, Alice Legare, J W Thrailkill, Cele Miller, B P Allen, Fred Hecht, Delphine Miller, Susanne Alspaugh, James Gantt, Jack Wade, William Dawson, Lillian Marasin, Eleanor E Sullivan, G Serrano, Lucyle Wade, Henry S Legare, Sybil Ravin, Helen Chapman, James M Alspaugh, Agnes J Busk, M J Chapman, Deotis Taylor, Louise O Bassett, Shirley Miller, Lucy B Sherritz, Elizabeth Reitz, Mildred E Hanchett, Judith Lombardo, Conrad Lefton, Rochelle Hanin, Lourietta Rachel, Milton C Henry, Diane F Burke, Bob Clack, Clara Iaccarino, Velman Bierich, Florence Roth, Evelyn R Pines, Cleo Nolan, Jack Chudney, Barbara Monell, Nancy L Dechert, Judith Sindlinger, Mae Woska, David W Vanasse, Evelyn Kenyon, Warren C Tucker, J Diakatos, Vermell T Prindle, Aaron L Felman, Luella Roberts, Rose Orner

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